Founded in 1938, NTEU National has grown to represent over 150,000 Bargaining Unit Employees (BUE) in 35 federal agencies and departments. NTEU currently represents approximately 27,000 employees at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Chartered in 1975, NTEU Chapter 128 represents all CBP BUE in the National Capital Region (District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and the Advanced Training Center in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia).


Together, NTEU National and Chapter 128 work to:

  • Enforce Collective Bargaining rights
  • Protect Bargaining Unit Employee due process
  • Negotiate local agreements
  • Advocate on legislative issues important to CBP Bargaining Unit Employees and the Federal workforce
  • Host educational programs


Elected Officers

Chapter President

Robert S. Odom

Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC

Executive Vice President

Tumica Miller

Loudon County Parkway, Ashburn, VA


Eva Garrett

Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC



LaKenya Renee Garland

Loudon County Parkway, Ashburn, VA

Appointed Representatives*

*Only appointed union representatives are authorized to represent Bargaining Unit Employees.

Chief Steward, Ashburn, VA

Lakenya Renee Garland

Chief Steward, Washington, DC

Renee Rawls

Loudon County Parkway, Ashburn, VA

William Baltimore

Lakenya Renee Garland

Michael McFadden

Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC

Michelle McEvoy

Robert Odom

Devindra Persad

Renee Rawls


Michelle McEvoy

Devindra Persad


Sarah Clapp

Laura Mancha

If you have general questions or there is no listed steward for your location, please contact us at: nteuch128@gmail.com


Most frequent questions and answers

NTEU represents all program offices except Border Patrol. We only represent a few HQ employees that provide support to the field. NTEU does not represent any Border Patrol field components, they are represented by NBPC.

BUE stands for Bargaining Unit Employee. BUE is the code used by HRM to determine whether an employee is “bargaining” or “non-bargaining.” NTEU only represents employees that are BUE, by statute.

You can find your BUE code on your SF-50 in Block 37.  NTEU recommends that you check your SF-50 at least four (4) times a year to ensure that you are properly coded as a BUE.  The code used is 3556

HRM LER will notice NTEU when an employee is changed from BUE to Non-BUE and vice versa.  On some occasions, the supervisor will inform the employee about this change but not always so it is always best to talk to an NTEU representative (steward) if you have any questions on your BUE status.  NTEU can work with HRM and Labor Relations to find out what happened and when.

You can find it in Article 15.  There are two types of Telework schedules.  First there is CORE Telework and second there is Situational/Episodic Telework.  Both of these types of Telework are voluntary.

Yes, when you are on a detail then your CORE schedule and Telework and AWS can change based on the business needs of the receiving office. The receiving office does not have to honor your Telework as each office is managed differently.

Telework is based on what you actually do so you need to work with your supervisor to outline what they need you to do. A denial is grievable.

There is nothing that prohibits both Telework and AWS, you can do both if you want.

  1. NTEU has an agreed upon MOU where Lync and now Windows 10 Skype technology can be used as a medium to communicate but the agency cannot mandate that you have it on and that you show a “color” coordinated bar. This could be interpreted as a tracking mechanism and you should contact NTEU immediately.  The best policy so that you don’t violate the Standards of Conduct of not following an order is to do first and contact NTEU if you have any questions.

Yes, CBP at the Privacy Diversity Office under the CBP Directive No. 51713-007A can help you and your supervisor with a Reasonable Accommodation. All you need to do is send an email to your supervisor requesting a Reasonable Accommodation. Please contact an NTEU representative if you have any questions on RA’s.

A “notice” is when Labor Relations informs NTEU about a change in working conditions. The notice can go either directly go to NTEU National or to NTEU Chapter 128.  Either way, Labor Relations provides a list of BUE names impacted by the “change in working conditions” and NTEU reaches out to the BUE’s to get feedback from them.

HRM and Labor Relations will “notice” NTEU about a reorganization/realignment and NTEU will request a list of impacted employees. NTEU in turn will reach out to the BUE’s and inform them about this change and request feedback.

No, a LoC is not considered arbitrary. LoC or even verbal counseling is supposed to be to correct a behavior that could potentially violate the Standards of Conduct and is the lowest form of counseling therefore it is not considered “arbitrary”.  Please contact an NTEU representative if you have any questions on LoC and possible implications of getting an LoC.  A LoC stays in your supervisors “local” personnel file and is not added to your Official Personnel Folder (OPF).

Once you fill out an SF-1187, it takes a few pay periods to be processed. Dues come out each pay period automatically based on GS-level (grade and step), and locality. For 2020, 128 dues ranging from $14.25 to $22.61 per pay period. For more specific dues information click here.

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